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LankyBox is an American comedic channel founded by the comedy duo, Justin Kroma (born: January 11, 1995 [age 27]) and Adam McArthur (born: April 27, 1996 [age 26]). The channel currently has 17.6 million subscribers and 22 billion views.


Zero-Budget Parodies
One of their most well-known videos are their zero-budget parodies. They used to re-create music videos by using zero-budget props, such as using chip bags as hair, and construction paper as backgrounds. They have since stopped making zero-budget parodies of music videos and have since started to make these parodies on movies. Justin also makes many puns in these videos.

Guess The Price
LankyBox created a show where Justin or Adam test different products and try to guess the price of those products. However wins gets to play the mystery game on the wheel. The games on the wheel are decided by the fans of LankyBox. They also bring their friends to the mix, which include Cooky (a pink rabbit plushie from BT21, a project created by BTS for LINE), Chimmy (a dog plushie wearing a yellow hoodie, also from BT21), Boxy (a cardboard box plushie from Lankybox), Foxy (another cardboard box plushie but with a pink/purple fox, also from Lankybox) , Rocky (a character made by Justin) and Dumbo from Disney.

LankyBox Animated Stories
LankyBox has made animated stories about their pasts. One of the episodes revealed that Justin had tried to sneak into an R-rated horror movie with his friend in middle school and managed to get in up until the people started checking tickets, and other episodes revealed that Adam dated his best friend’s sister, and also got caught cheating with his crush in middle school.


  • Boxy – A yellow and white cardboard box. He is loving and sometimes awkward. He runs the Lankybox World channel along with Foxy.
  • Foxy – A purple and white fox with a cardboard box on her head, loves food and makes puns like Justin. She along with Boxy run the LankyBox World channel.
  • Rocky – A dark grey rock with black eyes and a red mouth. He is Justin’s pet rock. He went missing for a while before being found. His catchphrase is “It’s time to rock and roll!”.
  • Sticky – He is said to be a brown stick or a small tree and is currently missing.
  • The Mini Foxy & Boxy Plushies – There are 6 Mini-Plushies that make appearances a few times on the show. These plushies consists of Superhero Foxy, Sleepy Boxy, Pizza Foxy, Birthday Boxy, Donut Foxy, and Heart Boxy. They can be bought in the LankyBox Mystery Eggs.




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